As a serial product tester aficionado, the last few months have been exciting. Looking at the bright side, the Twitter shit show (now 𝕏 shit show 1) pushed many folks to shop for a new social home. They tried Mastodon again, chased Bluesky invites, colonized Threads, and in some cases, went back to square one. The constant stream of product opinions, analysis, and hot takes is the closest to Christmas during summer that I’m going to get.

Every single week, I make an effort to try at least one new product. It keeps my curiosity alive, while I enjoy over-analyzing every piece of onboarding, interaction, and animation. I maintain a messy and private collection of markdowns and screenshots with a bunch of half-written thoughts, and I dream of organizing it to make it public. But let’s be honest; that will never happen.

Regardless: Manuel, please, never stop trying.

1: It still feels weird calling it X, and I will call it Twitter until the redirection stops working :)